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"A brave and true man, in whose sincerity and strength great Jackson could entirely confide; whose force General Lee upon occasion markedly acknowledged."

Hunter McGuire, MD

Stonewall's Surgeon is a biographical website devoted to Doctor Hunter Holmes McGuire, a very important surgeon in the War Between the States. In addition to providing biographical resources on Dr. McGuire, Stonewall's Surgeon also contains a wealth of resources on medicine during the War Between the States in general.

Who was Hunter McGuire?

Doctor Hunter Holmes McGuire, of Winchester, Virginia, was the youthful medical director of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's Second Corps during the War Between the States. Most buffs of the War Between the States probably best recall Dr. McGuire as the surgeon who unsuccessfully tried to save Jackson's life after he was mortally wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville in May 1863. This is ironic. Although best remembered for being unsuccessful in saving Jackson, McGuire's career as a medical doctor and a surgeon actually was marked by extreme successes that culiminated with his election as president of the American Medical Association.

First and foremost, Stonewall's Surgeon is a site devoted to telling Dr. McGuire's amazing story. Please be sure to read the biography of him and explore some of his many writings on medicine and the War Between the States . . .

the story of Civil War Medicine

Dr. William Morton wrote that,

It is the most sickening sight of the war, this tide of wounded flowing back. One has a shattered arm, and the sling in which he carries it is the same bloody rag the surgeon gave him the day of battle; another has his head seamed and bandaged so you can scarcely see it, and he weaves like a drunken man as he drags along through the hot sun; another has his shoe cut off, and a great roll of rags around his foot, and he leans heavily on a rough cane broken from a pine tree; another breathes painfully and holds his hand to his side, where you see a ragged rent in his blouse; another sits by a puddle, dipping water on a wounded leg, which , for want of dressing since the battle, had become inflamed; another lies on a plot of grass by the roadside, with his browned face turned full to the sun, and he sleeps.

Learn more about what Dr. McGuire and his colleagues faced by exploring the introductory materials on the site about Civil War medicine. Whether you are just looking to learn about medicine in the War for your own edification or you are doing research for a school report, hopefully this section will be helpful to you. Includes such diverse topics as how an amputation was performed and general information on dentistry.

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Interested in more serious research and study about the medical side of the War Between the States? The site also contains a collection of primary source materials on medicine in the War Between the States. Dr. McGuire is, of course, well-represented, but you will also find other writings here too.

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